Retail Installations visits 100’s of sites each and every single day to install anything from merchandising displays to automated teller machines and everything in between.

We understand marketing-at-retail intimately well and know exactly how to place your equipment to your very best advantage in any retail or trade show environment.

Retail Installations offers cost-effective freight onto site, in-store commissions as well as asset maintenance schemes, anywhere you need to be!


  • Our teams cover well over 500’000km per annum
  • We have successfully completed installations in 62’000 retail outlets
  • We are directly responsible for installing client assets to a value well in excess of US$ 1’000’000’000
  • We have 62 permanent employees spread across Southern and Eastern Africa
  • When required, we contract and manage man-in-van teams for low impact projects that require fast action in multiple locations
  • 25% of our installations take place outside of normal retail trading hours
  • We spend anywhere between12 minutes and 2 days during an installation but the typical on-site time is 3.5 hours
  • We carry public liability insurance of R15’000’000
  • Todwil Retail Installations provides in-market training for our own as well as contracted staff in countries across the African Continent

Recent Projects

String of independent bars pre- and post-Todwil Installation

Galileo Lounge. Brand experiential space by Todwil Installation team

Shoprite Checkers MediRite