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About Us

Todwil is an unswerving 65 year-old company that has advanced over time to become one of the most valuable Marketing-at-Retail partners a brand could ask for.

From market insights and metrics through strategy then onto design, prototyping and manufacture, Todwil offers a genuine END-TO-END SERVICE. And it doesn’t quite stop there. With in-house freight logistics plus an extensive in-field installation division, Todwil is one of very few companies that can truly cover all the bases.

With a staff head-count of around 300 people, there’s no holding back and Todwil has some remarkable individuals spread across the Continent. Paarl is where HQ is but there are operators in all the major South African cities as well as Nairobi in Kenya and more recently Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Todwil China’s corporate office in Hong Kong is home to offshore product sourcing and much of the production is shipped to East and West African markets. The latter region will witness the opening of yet another Todwil end-market operation when Todwil West Africa comes on-stream in the not too distant future.